3dB’s Down
Abandon The Faith
Alex Lane
Alex Parker
Ashley McKenzie
Banned on the Run
Billy Childish
Bury The Hatchet
Captain Bastard and the Scallywags
Chemical Storm
Chris Hunter
Concealing Fate
Craig Shepard
Cursed As Angels
Danny Mccoy
Dead Reckoning
Dog Town
Em T
Fair Weather Foes
Faith N Fury
Five Days Time
Flawless Carbon
Freedom Cage
Gramophone Minds
Icca’s Belle
If It Bleeds
In Arcanium
Jack Standen
Jamie Johnson
Jay Serrao
John Bartlett
Jon Grayson
Jordan Brown
Jordan Copping
Kid Harpoon
Kingsley Ronald
Los Alcatraz
Luca Settembrini
My Last Mistake
Navi (Michael Jackson Tribute)
Neon Halo
Opus Bridge
Razorr Head
Reduced to Ashes
Room 9
Sam Laming
Scars of Sense
Shayne Walsh
Signal Flare
Silence Remains
Silver Foxes
Sonny Ray
Soul Spirit
Spawn of Psychosis
Spencer Kennedy
Sweet Gorilla
The Beautiful Game
The Bresslaws
The Bridge
The Butterfly Cartel
The Deets
The Reckoning
The Singing Loins
The Wicked and the Wise
The Zoo Community Jazz Band
Then The Wave Came
Tokyo Jo
Trapped Between Tigers
Truvelo Drive
Unforeseen Prophecy
Venomous Outrage
Weapon Status Red
White Bone Rattle
Wonky Piano

Record Labels, Companies and Organisations

Amazing Journeys Publishing
AMF Records
Artists on Art Magazine
Audio Arcadia
Base Event Production
Dickens World
Dredge Records
Geek Pride
Hackney Road Studios
Help For Heroes
Mid Kent College
Mike Orvis Music
Mote Hall
NK Audio
NSP Live Sound
On The Fringe Studios
RetroSynth Records
Richard Norton Guitar
Rickshaw Productions
Rochester Grammar School
Tap ‘n’ Tin
The Pandemonium Club
The Something Something Theatre Company
Tin Robot Records
Velindre Cancer Centre
Vicious Circle Promotions

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We weren’t sure what to expect when Graham contacted us for a remix, but we took a chance and were definitely not disappointed! He really took the blanket off our original demo and made it sound much fuller, and definitely worthy of using in our promotional material. Thanks Graham!

The Deets

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How To Program Realistic Sounding Drums
10th December 2018

You may be songwriting, demoing or doing full productions. At some point in these processes it isn’t practical or viable to setup and record real drums. What are you going to do? You reach for digital drums. This process is super easy if you are a drummer. Lets face it, most drummers have already screamed …

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