Since 2003 I have been helping bands, like you, to produce the music that speaks to not only them but also their fans. My approach to record production is old school i.e. get it right in the mic! (Having started in the analogue domain (reel to reel tape) you had to!)

As a record producer my job is to get the very best out of you as musicians, to best serve your music in a no compromise, high quality, high energy fashion, that yields productions that kick ass and takes names.

I am based in Kent, UK, but being freelance, I have access to a wide variety of recording studio facilities across the UK to suit all budgets, enabling you to craft the perfect recording of your next project.
Not only that, dynamic, exciting and punchy mixes that grab you by the ears and leave you wanting more.

In other words, everything you need to take your music where it DESERVES to go!

Looking to make an amazing record to wow your fans?
Get in touch and lets talk about your project.